IP Camera Viewer 1.19: Free IP camera monitoring software views multiple cameras

IP Camera Viewer 1.19

Cameras. Arrange multiple IP cameras in the preview layout you want. What if your camera is mounted upside-down or its preview is tilted a bit? With IP Camera Viewer you can adjust the orientation of your camera preview. You can also adjust the coverage area with support for PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) enabled network cameras. IP Camera Viewer lets you digitally zoom on an image, even if your camera doesn`t support zoom. IP Camera Viewer is absolutely FREE

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Cambrosia Webcam Viewer 5.0: Cambrosia-Webcam Network and Software. Largest Webcam Directory on the Net.

Cambrosia Webcam Viewer 5.0

Cambrosia webcam software has been developed to help you find your place in the sun. See the world and be a part of the Global Community. Using Cambrosia web cam software you can view all types of web cams. Here is a list of what can be viewed, live video, spycams, News, personal webcams, streaming and non streaming netcams. Both Real Audio and Windows Media Player are supported. Connects to the Worlds largest webcam database (the Cambrosia Network

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VIDEOREG 3.01: This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture device


cam shot change. Features: Work with any WEB-cameras and other videodevices; Work begins at once after start of the program; Motion sensitivity adjusting; 1-30 quantity of snapshots after every motion; Internal viewer with slide-show mode(fast search); Hand mode for take snapshots every 1-30 sec; Snapshots format - jpg (1 snapshot size ~10-30 Kb); Built-in viewer; Built-in viewer: Allows viewing cam shots in manual mode and perform fast searching

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Image Viewer 1.3: View and resize digital images quickly and easily or view a slide show

Image Viewer 1.3

viewer is a low cost and effective alternative for doing just what the name implies...viewing digital images. The Image Viewer includes zoom in and zoom out features and supports all of the most common image file types including the jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, emf, wmf, and ico file types. The newest feature of the Image Viewer is the JPEG Resize function. Because high resolution digital cameras often create images that are well over one megabyte in size

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XPicture 2.0: Freeware for window9x/2k users which has features as Window XP picture viewer.

XPicture 2.0

We made Xpicture freeware for window9x/2000 users. It has the similar features as Windows XP picture viewer. Full features list: 1. The startup speed is very fast, it is about 20% of ACD startup speed. 2. Relate to the correlative pictures and double click the picture to browse. 3. Support open a folder in thumbnail form. 4. The program is in small size, 5. The most important, it is free.

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EZ-Pix 8.0: EZ-Pix Rapid Image Viewing Software

EZ-Pix 8.0

EZ-Pix is fast, highly functional viewer with support for all common image formats. It has an streamlined interface and is simple to use. Despite its simplicity it offers many advanced functions, such as complete thumbnail control, exporting to HTML and thumbsheets, file and image editing functions. Other features include: Ability to assign text descriptions to images, Twain Scanner and digital camera support, Password access and security

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VaryCam 2.0.10: VaryCam could add many interesting effects to your webcam during video chatting.

VaryCam 2.0.10

Cam is best virtual webcam software, which could add many magic effects on your webcam during video chatting and make your webcam video more interesting. This virtual cam work just like a real USB webcam and it is very easy to use! Key Features: 1. Professional Virtual Webcam VaryCam work just like a real USB webcam after installation, you could set it as default webcam for video chatting. 2. Easy to use and share your joy With its friendly UI, this

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WatchSome Webcams 2.14: Watch webcams with webcam software that automatically saves the images.

WatchSome Webcams 2.14

WatchSome Webcams is webcam software that allows you to view many of your favorite webcams at the same time. You can configure the web cam software to automatically save the webcam pics to your hard drive. Another excellent feature of WatchSome Webcams is that you can make a webcam change into a screensaver. With a simple to use interface, zooming in and out of a webcam image can easily be accomplished. You can add webcams of your liking.

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Camersoft Webcam Recorder 3.2.12: Camersoft Webcam Recorder could record webcam video and save as AVI.

Camersoft Webcam Recorder 3.2.12

Camersoft Webcam Recorder is powerful and professional webcam capture software, which could record webcam video into AVI files and you could play them on your PC with Windows Media Player or other video player tools whenever you want. This webcam recorder works like a DV or VCR to record videos for you, only a webcam (could support internal camera, USB webcam, or other cam devices) connected to your PC is needed. Key Features: (1) Very easy to use

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CamSplitter 3.0: Allows to use 1 webcam in 2 or more webcam application

CamSplitter 3.0

cam device and several webcam software applications. II. How to use 1) Download and install from the download link below. 2) Execute any webcam software and select `Camsplitter` device as video source. 3) When you first time running CamSpliiter it will ask you to choose real webcam source. You will have to select real webcam device to be used for video splitting. 4) You can run other webcam programs and choose CamSplitter as video source device,

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